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Travel the world with me! 



Jump underwater and discover why we should all love the place that covers 3/4 of our planet. I'll take you to the most exotic and interested waterfront locales around the world. We'll go scuba diving, paddle-boarding, surfing and lounge on the most beautiful beaches.  


Travel & Lifestyle 

I live to travel. Wherever I go, I love to meet new people, understand new cultures and try a variety of new experiences. Come with me as I collaborate with some of the best travel bloggers on the block and share insider tips when planning your next travel destination. 

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MOcha mermaid 

When I first learned how to swim at 5 years old, I believed that I was a mermaid. But I never saw images of brown mermaids. Mocha Mermaid is a full expression of what it means to be a modern day siren. My dream is now reality. Let's be mermaids together!