Trash Talking with Eco Warriors

"The sense of wonder and curiosity every time I looked at the ocean and horizon really sparked something inside me.”

I had the honor of being a guest on a great podcast called Trash Talking with Eco Warriors hosted by the amazingly talented and inspirational Barbara Lee.

Trash Talking is all about inspiring others to pursue green careers and jobs in organizations where an emphasis is placed on protecting the planet so I was very happy when Barbara asked me to be a part of her latest episode. I’m joining a long line of other incredible eco-warrior women from around the world work in green business, sustainability, and conservation.

We talked about my first memories of the ocean, what being a science communicator means, and how I co-founded my own non-profit called Big Blue & You.

Plus, you can learn why I’m so inspired by the ocean, my top tips for starting your ocean-friendly life, AND how I tried (and failed) to convince Kevin Hart to be more ocean-friendly.

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About Barbara

Barbara was born and raised in Hawaii, where she was instilled with the importance of protecting the fragile beauty of nature. A former journalist, barista, and conservationist, Barbara wanted to combine her love of a minimal, zero waste life and coffee to inspire others to live a naturally beautiful life.

More about Trash Talking with Eco Warriors

After traveling to third world countries and working on conservation projects in South America and the Caribbean, Barbara was horrified with the immensity of the waste problem in the US. At the same time, she saw a disconnect between her previous zero waste lifestyle in San Francisco and an over-fueled consumptive one in New York City. She realized she had the unique opportunity to make a difference in a community on the brink of change - so she started the Trash Talking with Eco-Warriors podcast.

Women share stories about their career path, challenges and wins along the way, and tips for living a more eco-conscious lifestyle.

Clearly highlighting the viability of these careers helps increase the visibility and awareness of a green career being both accessible and possible, outside of traditional research and activist roles. The podcast is rated 5-stars on Apple iTunes and reached over 4,000 downloads in the first two months of being released. For more about past guests, check out the podcast page.

This podcast series is recorded and produced by Barbara Lee. For more information, contact her here:

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